March 29, 2015


I regret living a life in which I have very few regrets. I play it safe. I am afraid I have missed out on a lot.

March 28, 2015


I regret that we didn't take things slower. I regret falling in love so fast. I regret not having the courage to leave you the first time you threw me down when I tried leaving. I regret not leaving after you grabbed my wrist and didn't let go. I regret believing you when you said you would never do it again. I regret not leaving the first time you got in my face. I regret believing you wouldnt do it again. I regret staying after you hit me. I regret believing you meant you were sorry. I do NOT regret leaving with my spare key the night you took my keys and wouldn't let me leave. I regret going back to the house. And even though we have a beautiful little boy, I regret letting you convince me into wanting to have a baby because it would make things better. I regret not listening to my mom when she told me I should wait. I regret wanting to marry you. I regret never listening to my mom when she told me to never ever let a man abuse you, mentally or physically. I regret covering everything up for you and making you look so innocent. I regret that because I let everything continue, you punched a huge dent in the side of my car that you refuse to fix. I regret that you will manage to convince me to stay and lie about the dent to my family so they won't hate you and so they won't think I'm stupid for staying with you even though I am. I reget that I had ample opportunity to leave you when I was talking to a guy I had feelings for in high school. I regret never pursuing that relationship and because I didn't he moved to Germany. I regret continually making excuses for you. I regret that I don't have the strength or willpower to leave you. I regret ever getting myself into this situation. But it's my life. And I'm the only person who can get myself out. I'm scared.

March 27, 2015


I regret keeping every single letter that you wrote me in a shoe box on the top shelf of my closet.

It's just a painful reminder of how much you loved me, and how bad I broke you. But for some reason... I can't bring myself to throw them away.

I regret that when I see a truck like yours, the place you used to work, an old picture of us, that damn shoe box, even a color that used to bring out your eyes, I break down and have to hide it from everyone, because nobody knows how damaged I am now.

I have so many regrets, but the biggest, most painful one, is knowing that I am part of the reason why you took your own life.

And I will never forgive myself for that.

I hope that you're looking down from Heaven as I write this, with tears streaming down my face, and can see just how much I hate myself for ultimately being a part of your death.

I will love you forever and always.

I can't wait until I can see you in person and tell you this face-to-face.

March 26, 2015


I regret leaving my 2 year old sister and going to college two and half hours away, not only because I miss her everyday, but because of the mistakes I made the first semester of college. I had sex the first night with a guy that I thought wanted a relationship, a semester after hooking up I still have yet to talk to him. It hurt knowing that something that was so special to me and that I gave to someone that I thought was going to care about me didn't matter to him. After that I stopped caring, I became friends with benefits with a guy from high school and all we did was get drunk and have sex, every day, or every weekend. It made the pain go away, I had feelings for him but I wasn't ready to give out my heart again. Over Christmas brake my boyfriend from high school called and wanted to get back together, I of course said I would because if I was going to give my heart to someone it might as well be someone I know very well. Two days after we started dating my friends with benefits told me that he had feelings for me since the summer and that he just didn't realize until he was gone. It sucks to know that I could have been with him and to know what it would have been like if we were. I'm happy with my boyfriend now, I just wonder what could have been. So I guess that my regret is my first semester of college and everything that went along with it.

Female 19

March 25, 2015


I regret I didn't quit my job 2,5 years earlier! I regret that I was so stupid to believe the kind spoken words of my boss. Words that turned out to be nothing but twisted lousy lies! I regret that I kept telling myself: he will change the situation, he will give you the opportunity for your career, he told you how good you are, how he depends on you, so keep on working hard, stay persistant, stay calm. I regret that I put all my efforts and energy into his company, earning him 'big money' for 5 long years. I regret that I never could speak to anyone about him, as he was my employer, my only colleague AND my boss in one person. I regret I never told him how bad he smelled and how ugly his Catweazle beard looked. But now finally I got the guts! Last thing I regret: I didn't film his face the moment I told him this morming: I QUIT!!!!

March 24, 2015


I regret not saying no enough. Maybe if Id made it more clear or didn't show so much skin with those shorts you would've left me alone. I was 16 and you were 28. Now you have a new baby and my family believes you over me and I am lost. I regret telling anyone it ever happened. I regret not having the guts to kill myself.

March 23, 2015


I regret leaving a life I enjoyed and a path I was going to be very happy on to be with you. At the time, I thought you were the better choice, but now, I feel as though I have missed out on my dreams. I love what we have created together and the life we have built, but I still think I would have been much happier without you. Unfortunately, now I must stay with you so our daughter can have both parents in her life and not grow up in a dysfunctional household like I did. I used to love you and now I think I just tolerate you. I almost wish you would mess up so bad that I would have a good excuse to divorce you. Sometimes I think I keep you around just so I have someone to watch the baby monitor while our daughter sleeps while I work out. To be honest, I never wanted children and think you forced me into it all. I love my daughter, but because of her and the responsibilities that come with being a parent (pretty much a single parent because you are never around), I can no longer do the little things that kept me going in the past when our relationship sucked. So now, our relationship just sucks and my dreams have dissipated, and now I am just unhappy.


March 22, 2015


I regret not keeping in touch with you so that we could change together. I've loved you for ten years, but for eight of those we've only seen each other a few times. Now we're back in each others' lives but everything's different. I know you loved me at one point, but I fear we've changed too much individually to work. I regret not kissing you when we danced together. You kissed me, just on the cheek, but that kiss while we danced means more to me than any snog I've had with a partner. I want to grow old with you, but you may never know.

March 11, 2015


I regret going through with this divorce.  We have reconciled twice, but each time he has gone back to the other woman.  Our divorce will most likely be finished in a few weeks, and I still love him, and I know he still loves me.  This divorce has been in the works for 3 1/2 years.  I honestly feel that at some point we will get back together, but right now, his pride and a 2000 mile distance makes it impossible.

March 9, 2015


I have many regrets but probably the biggest one is that I stayed in a marriage for too long (21 years) that I was very unhappy in. I, a mother, LEFT MY CHILDREN to be with another man that I am now married to. Mom's don't leave their kids!!! My son was born with Down Syndrome so he was very confused about why I left. My daughter had just turned 16 at the time and she was so mad at me for hurting her dad. Here I was born and raised a Christian and tried to instill morals raising my kids and I go and do this... I am happy with my new life and husband but I regret leaving my kids and hurting their dad. I did still see them and they were 16 and 18 when this happened in 2008. I know I broke their dad's heart but I was so miserable I couldn't stay any longer. I kept on thinking I was going through a phase and that eventually I would snap out of it. Now my ex-husband passed away in August of 2014 and while he was hooked up to life support I apologized for all of the hurt and pain I caused him. I am so sad for his loss of life...I hope he heard me...