December 18, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 18, 2014

I am 22 and I regret my addiction to shopping. I have spent money I knew I didn't have just because I couldn't not buy something even if i knew i didn't need it.

December 17, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 17, 2014

I regret becoming a selfish swinger and ruining my family. My career is on its end and my kids hate me.

December 16, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 16, 2014

I tried to kill myself at 14 and 22. I barely survived them and only stopped trying out of fear that I would end up disabled. I'm 30 now and still wish to leave. I regret not making a bold move either way. Getting better or getting out of here. Because I'm such lousy company, because I'm so weak people treat me terribly. My current boyfriend cheats on me with and puts me down when I try to imagine a better life for myself, my ex-boyfriend stalked and attacked me after we broke up and my friends of many years all took his side and cut me off. I have lost so many friends. People are truly unkind to inconsequential people. My father died after I was born and my mother spent my childhood chasing men. Everyone in my neighbourhood knew I was unwanted. I've lived this life too long. I regret hovering here.

December 15, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 15, 2014

I regret ever letting you back into my life. I though you were a good guy, because I met you in high school first, and we connected back up. I regret letting myself feel as though I was in an honest real relationship. I regret Marrying you, and using most of my retirement money as a down payment on a house that in the end I lost. I regret that you are a lying cheater, and as a result your choices and you yourself almost killed me. I sat catatonic because of your choice for 6 weeks, believing you were working through your issues and coming back to me. I starved myself, and could not even function as a human. My kids suffered because of your choices. I lost my house, all my money, and the faith to believe in myself. The devastation you caused, and the hurt I went through was IMMEASURABLE. Meeting you again and letting you back into my life is the BIGGEST REGRET I will ever have. Possibly not because all that happened, but meeting you and marrying you kept me from the one man who I believe I truly belong with. He watched in silent while the woman he loved married you. That's all been fixed now. He Saved me from my misery, takes care of my kids as if they were his own, not the way you did, making them little slaves afraid of you. We are all getting better now, and I am learning the meaning of real love. He saved me from my despair, saved me from going under, and doing the unthinkable. I regret nothing about him, and everything about you.


December 12, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 12, 2014

I regret not telling my brother how much he meant to me. I regret I did not listen to him more, talk to him more, respect his opinions more, love him more. I regret how I treated him in the past, making him feel like a failure. I regret how immature and selfish I was in my youthful arrogance, when I should have been loving and supportive. I regret that I can't fix the past. I regret that I could not say to him how much I love him as he took his last breath. I regret that I will feel this grief the rest of my life.

December 11, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 11, 2014

I regret not opening my self up to others. My friends and family describe me as being "extremely private" or as "independent", but the truth is that I'm afraid. I don't let people in because I am afraid of being hurt or I am afraid of being judge. I know that I can navigate through life without the help of others - I have proven that I can beat cancer all by myself. I don't need to lean on others for emotional support if I am feeling down. I just put on a smile and continue on... But I can't shake the lingering feeling that even though I don't NEED anyone, I am missing out on so many possibilities. I feel so much love coming from my friends and family, yet sometimes I shut them out. If I would just put myself out there and be receptive to what others are giving, I know there is so much more opportunities for love. If only I could get past my own barriers that I have put up....

December 10, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 10, 2014

37 years ago, My father and I had an argument. It was over something stupid, helping with the dishes. He would yell instead of asking, basically because he was a mean drunk. I locked myself in the bathroom and wished with all my heart he was dead, this was the first time I felt this sincere about this. I never saw him again. The next day my mom came and took me out of school to tell me, my father had died that day. I was 13.

December 6, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 6, 2014

Dante, I regret not marrying you when you proposed. As I look at the Cheerios commercials time and time again, I can't help but imagine what we could have been. I regret every single day my breaking up with you. I thought my parents were right, it would have never worked out...the children, the stigma...we lived in different times...but others made it. I knew my parents were wrong...just could not stand up to them. I regret it dearly.
After college, I moved back home and a couple of years later met my husband. We have four beautiful children and my youngest has your namesake.
Dante, I feel foolish for letting you go. Now that my husband passed away, I want a second chance. I loved my husband but I could never feel that special connection that we once had. Sometimes, I want to call you so as to get your wise input on a subject that's bothering me...or just talking to you will make feel better.
I don't know how to forgive to stop thinking about you. One thing I have done trying to redeem myself is giving full support to my granddaughter who's marrying someone of your complexion. What have you become? Where are you? Please reach out to me and I ll come.
Dante, I regret breaking your heart and our future. Dante, I loved, love and always will love you.


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December 5, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 5, 2014

I regret that I left my job and career for my husband who has yet to leave his mistresses for me. I regret that I gave him second, third, fourth, and fifth chances. I regret that the memory of our wedding and my first pregnancy were ruined by his cheating. I regret that instead of grieving the loss of a child, I had to deal with a broken marriage. I regret that I still forgave him. I regret not loving myself more and better. I regret even meeting him.

December 4, 2014

SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: December 4, 2014

I regret not expressing how i felt after so many chances that I had. I know this is wrong and i would never admit it else where, but the man i married isn't my soul mate. I met my soul mate years before. I had a best friend growing up, and after high school we briefly dated. I had previously gotten my heart broken, and i was a bundle of insecurities. I didn't want to tarnish our friendship because i knew i wasn't ready for another relationship, so although our relationship was going flawlessly I decided to break it off. He told me he would wait for whenever i was ready, he knew we were soulmates before i did. After that we were never single at the same time. He never bothered me when i was with someone else, and when a break up would come my way i always called him..and he was always there for me. It didn't matter if his gf didn't like me, or didn't want him to be around me...he was there. He would ask me if I was ready to be with him and I didn't want to be the reason for his break up. I regret not being selfish enough. A few years later I got engaged, my best friend and I hadn't spoken in about 3 years. I received a call and he was telling me his current gf had gotten pregnant, and unless i told him otherwise, he was set to marry her. I didn't have it in me to break up a family. I sucked it up, told him to marry her, as i had recently gotten engaged. We were both just hurt souls on the phone. I could hear it in his voice, and i felt my heart drop to my stomach. That was the last conversation we ever had. I wished him well, as did he. I think about him every day. I have a caring and loving husband now, and i am happy with him, but i regret not being selfish enough to tell him to be with me.